Saturday, January 28, 2012

IEC President Wucherer talks about the Electric Future

The new IEC President, Dr Klaus Wucherer talked to the IEC Council recently.

According to the IEC e-tech website (2012-01-28): “Wucherer underlined that as an engineer and industrialist he has been in contact with the IEC in one way or another throughout most of his working life. He contributed to IEC work through his company and the National Committee and was an industry customer for IEC products and services. … Wherever there is electricity, the IEC needs to be involved.” I my opinion: IEC is already deeply involved – many experts have to learn this.

Dr Wucherer was my boss at Siemens Automation and Drives when I started my consultancy business 20 years ago – he was in Nuremberg and I was in Karlsruhe. The reason I became a consultant was this: Dr Wucherer asked me three times to move from Karlsruhe to Nuremberg – I decided to stay in Karlsruhe and work in the standardization as a consultant. Dr Wucherer, colleagues of mine and I were deeply involved in the national, European and international standardization of Fieldbusses and MAP. Dr Wucherer supported the standardization work in the 80s and 90s. We agreed that the future would require true international standards for information exchange.

As a Siemens employee under Dr Wucherer I wrote two remarkable papers on the standardization: one about the future of Fieldbusses and one about MAP in 1991:

Click HERE for the paper “Bridging MAP to Ethernet” [PDF, 720 KB]

Click HERE for the paper “Fieldbus standardization: Another way to go” [PDF, 720 KB].

I would extend his statement “Wherever there is electricity, the IEC needs to be involved to

Wherever there is electricity, the IEC 61850 needs to be involved!

Click HERE for some crucial information models for the electricity defined in IEC 61850-7-4 that demonstrate the importance of the above extended statement.

The “electricity world” is likely to prevent the proliferation found in the industrial automation domain’s fieldbusses. If the many fieldbus consortia define their fieldbus specific profiles for the electric world then we will get as many information models as fieldbusses! Or?

Click HERE to see bunch of 60+ fieldbusses in ONE IEC standard in 2008: The IEC 61158.

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Anonymous said...

Very good,
I would like to meet up with you and describe what we are doing in this area, also our plans for 61499. I will be in Germany in 2 weeks, would you be able to meet - either at Essen e-world show or at your or our office (Hilden, Düsseldorf).
Tony Milne