Friday, January 6, 2012

Belden seeks to acquire networking specialist RuggedCom ‎

Ruggedized network infrastructure compliant to IEC 61850-3 is crucial for the implementation of Smart(er) Grids. RuggedCom – one of the well known brands in the substation domain – is one of the companies that offers network components to build the needed communication infrastructure.

One of RuggedCom competitors, Belden (Hirschmann is a brand of Belden), wants to take RuggedCom over.

Click HERE for the press news.

This shows that the Power Industry is following the native Ethernet solutions. IEC 61850 is based on the native Ethernet solution in contrast to the industrial automation domain where a lot of even standardized solutions like EtherCat, ProfiNet, PowerLink, … compete with each other Ethernet-based and traditional Fieldbuses, e.g., Profibus, CAN, Interbus, …

The Electric Power System has a highly standardized process: the 3 phase A.C. system (50 or 60 Hz). This single process requires a single communication solution: IEC 61850 based on native Ethernet.

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