Thursday, December 10, 2020

UPDATE 2020-12-10: Crucial Frequency Deviation Of The European Electrical Interconnected Grid (UCTE)

Dear All,

Due to the increasing number of frequency events I have decided to recommend you the following ... it is too much work for me to post the newest events ... sorry for that:

1. Register to receive the event reports directly from one reliable source 

A look at the following private website (offered by an experienced senior electrical engineer) provides very informative and easy to use information (right part on the figure): (the content can easily be translated - with Google)

You may register to receive messages like the one above:

Note that these messages carry just privately generated information about specific events of the frequency of the ENTSO-E Network in Continental Europe (former UCTE).

2. Check the following website:
There you can find a list of frequency events ... 135 in 2020 already !!