Friday, January 13, 2012

Siemens SIPROTEC 5 – More flexible IEC 61850 System Engineering and IED Configuration

According to the “SIPROTEC 5 - System Overview, Protection, Automation and Monitoring ·Siemens SIP 5.01 · V1.0” the new SIPROTEC 5 line supports several more flexible ways to configure IEC 61850 IEDs and Models.

See page 58: “The name of the logical device (ldName) is freely editable. For example, the standard-conforming name CTRL can be changed to CONTROL. Structural changes can also be made by changing the logical device (LD), so that the interface structure can be flexibly adapted to the user's own requirements. Rigid manufacturer specifications are a thing of the past. Prefix and instance of the logical node (LN) can also be edited. … Flexible engineering is the key to bringing the system view into harmony with the IEC 61850 structure of the device.”

IEC 61850 seems to have totally influenced the new series. They put a headline over the communication description: “IEC 61850 - Simply Usable … The internal structure of SIPROTEC 5 devices conforms to IEC 61850.”

Compared to the products offered in the past (since 2004 when the first systems with IEC 61850 communication where commissioned) this increase in flexibility provided by SIPROTEC 5 will be appreciated by system integrators and users.


Stijn Adam said...

Hi there.

In what document is this mentioned. I can't seem to find a link in this post.

Karlheinz Schwarz said...

The information is from the paper document:
“SIPROTEC 5 - System Overview, Protection, Automation and Monitoring ·Siemens SIP 5.01 · V1.0”, 2011
I didn't find it on the Web.
The Siemens order number is:

Gerd Einsiedler said...

This SIPROTEC 5 document will be available for download soon. Please register for SIPROTEC 5 information: