Thursday, February 23, 2023

IEC 61850 Online-Seminar im Frühjahr 2023

Die FGH Akademie (Mannheim) bietet ein Online-Seminar "Basics IEC 61850" bestehend aus neun (9) Blöcken je 2,5 Stunden an.

Datum: 06. - 31.03.2023

Hier klicken, um zu weiteren Informationen zu gelangen.

Falls Sie Interesse an einem In-House-Seminar zu IEC 61850 haben, können Sie mich gerne ansprechen - mein umfangreicher Erfahrungsschatz (den ich von 1982 bis heute aufgebaut habe) steht Ihnen zur Verfügung!

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Education Regarding IEC 61850 in 2023

Dear All,

Andrea Bonetti (now with Megger) and I have conducted many training sessions all over ... we are both convinced that after three years of Corona pandemic there are many people that are waiting for comprehensive training on IEC 61850 and related standards.

Click HERE for some LinkedIn discussion on the need for training ...

Click HERE for another LinkedIn discussion ...

You can see Karlheinz Schwarz in action during a seminar for the project "Future Intelligent Transmission Network Substation (FITNESS)" in Scotland:

Click HERE for the report ... you will see me presenting on the left side in the photo on page 15.

UPDATE On My Personal Situation After My Wife Passed Away On October 25, 2022

Dear All,

You may remember my post dated October 24, 2021:

One year and one day later:

My wife Ingeruth passed away on October 25, 2022 after a long lasting and serious illness at the age of 69. Ingeruth suffered ALS which was diagnosed in January 2017. One of our daughters and I nursed her 24/7 since then. She needed air ventilation all day and night … and electric power 24/7 …

I really miss my wife ... 
I have been contacted by several people that asked me, if I would be available for some consultancy work or training ... and even travel again. During the last years I have done training and consultancy work by phone and online ... YES, I am available ...
I also hope to spent some time to post useful information on this blog.
Note that I am planning to attend the DistribuTech 2023 in San Diego (Febr 7-9).
Ingeruth and I planned to travel to San Diego in January 2017, six years ago. But the doctors told us on January 6, 2017 the diagnosis ALS … we cancelled the trip immediately. So, I am now catching up (alone) on what we missed to do together … 
Please contact me in case you have a question ...