Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ABB review – Special Report IEC 61850

ABB has published already in August 2010 a very comprehensive and nice report on various aspects of IEC 61850. The report comprises 64 pages! Most visitors of this blog may not know the report.

The report starts with a very true statement: “Communication is more than exchanging data; it means globally understandable information based on syntax and semantic. This is behind IEC 61850, the topic of this issue of ABB Review Special Report.” It continues: “Electric energy is the backbone of our global society. Its reliable supply from conventional and renewable sources via complex networks requires seamless control that is only possible with the help of a standard providing a high-level and comprehensive description of the information exchanged.”

Most people are like to say that the Internet is the backbone of our global society – What would the Internet be without electric energy? How would your home look like without electric power? You would not be able to read this post without electric power. Many people see electric power like sunshine and rain – it is just here.

Click HERE for the report [pdf, edition August 2010]

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