Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Work Item Proposal – Mapping between DLMS/COSEM (IEC 62056) data models and IEC 61850 data models

It was just a matter of time before an official work item was suggested to look into some kind of “co-operation” of information models developed for metering data (DLMS/COSEM, IEC 62056) and power system automation (IEC 61850).

Here is the proposal: IEC TC 57/1276/NP with the title:

“Mapping between the DLMS/COSEM (IEC 62056) data models and the IEC 61850 data models”

The ballot closes 2012-11-23.

Data derived from current and voltage and other sensors play an important role in the electric delivery system: on all voltage levels and all over!

With more needs for monitoring and controlling the system, substation automation functionality will be needed at any voltage level. It would be an advantage if automation functions could tap information provided by revenue meters.

A crucial objective is to find out and document which data objects can be used from the revenue meter and how these data objects map into the IEC 61850 information model.

This activity shows that IEC 61850 (originally positioned at medium and high voltage substations) is a kind of a core technology for more and more applications throughout the electric power delivery system. It has the potential to uniquely bridge the gap between islands of information found in systems providing electric power (utilities, factories, power plants, …).

Models like the IEC 61850 MMXU are universally applicable to any voltage level of an A.C. electrical system.

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