Thursday, August 2, 2012

IEC 61850 Edition 1, 2, or 3 and UML modeling?

Several parts of IEC 61850 have been improved through a maintenance process for the recent years. New features have been added the recent years. But what are the differences?

NettedAutomation has analyzed the differences between Edition 1 and 2 of various parts in detail. Many experts all over have asked for a detailed analysis, presentation and discussion of the differences. The result is a new comprehensive module of the seminars (covers one or two days – depending on the needs). A few slides from the new module are shown below.

One of the crucial issues is that a specific part Edition 1 has been improved from day 1 of its publication by the tissue process. Additional features have been added.


As of today we have parts with the old title and tag “Edition" 1”, with the new title and tag “Edition 1” and several parts with the new title and tag “Edition 2”:


A list of all published IEC 61850 parts can be found here.

As the slide exposes: There will never be an Edition 2 of the standard series IEC 61850 … some time down the road we will have parts tagged Ed1, Ed2, Ed3, Edx, …

In addition to the maintenance process, WG 10 has (after some 14 years) converted the models in IEC 61850 to UML. The UML is intended to serve as a development and maintenance tool in the future standardization process. The following picture exposes the two notations: table (left) and UML (right).


During the Editors’ meeting in Ann Arbor (December 1998) we discussed the use of UML before we published any information model !! It was a long way from first “ideas” and today’s UML model – as you can see.


The various parts tagged Edition 2 and the new UML models are presented and discussed during special training courses. The basics are also covered in the public seminars.

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