Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Source Code License Policy for IEC 61850 Stack and API from SystemCorp

SystemCORP Embedded Technology Pty Ltd (Bentley WA 6102, Australia) offers a brand-new license policy for IEC 61850 Source code for their Stack and API effective August 2012 meeting the market demands. The new policy is extremely suitable for manufacturers that plan to implement IEC 61850 into more than one product.

They offer the following easy to understand options:

  1. Portable Server AND Client IEC 61850 Stack and API Source Code
    License for one (1) product
  2. Extension License for Portable Server AND Client Stack and API Source Code License for an additional product
  3. Unlimited Company Wide Portable Client AND Server IEC 61850 Stack and API Source Code License
  4. Annual Service and Maintenance Contract

License fees stated under item 1, 2 and 3 are one off costs. No other license fees or royalties for re-distribution of customer products apply.

In addition to the new pricing it is also crucial to understand that the package comes with a build-in API that can be used by the application software immediately.

Most of the needed definitions in edition 2 of the core documents (7-2, 7-3, 7-4, 8-1 and 6) have been implemented. Most Object models (LN, DO) of other standards like IEC 61400-25-2 (Wind Turbines) can easily be implemented using the corresponding models in the CID file.

Contact SystemCorp by email for a quote.

The IEC 61850 portable software stack and API comprises:

Server and Client Function using static CID configuration file with inbuilt functions:
- Reporting (buffered and unbuffered)
- MMS Services
- GOOSE Publisher (Server) and Subscriber (Client)
- Sampled Values Publisher (Server)
- Logging (Custom XML file format)(*)

Pre-compiled libraries based on platform:
- Windows™ Library (dll) and/or
- Linux Ubuntu Library and/or
- Standard Linux library matching customer tool chain and kernel definition for one embedded hardware platform(**)

Pre-compiled libraries are also available as stand-alone products (without the need of the source code purchase).

Application Programming Interface (API) published on
- 2 x free SystemCORP ICD Designer
- 1 x free SystemCORP eNode Workbench(***) allowing customer for testing ICD/CID files and simulating simple server and client functions
(*) Customer specific file formats on request. Engineering charges may apply.
(**) Porting to non-standard Linux tool chains/kernels or propriety software operating systems engineering charges might apply.
(***) Available from January 2013

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