Friday, August 31, 2012

C# Server and Client Application Source Code for IEC 61850 DLL

NettedAutomation has updated the C# Client AND SERVER application (GUI) of the IEC 61850 Evaluation Kit (DLL). You can use the SystemCorp DLL (dated back to 2010) from the evaluation package downloaded from the above NettedAutomation link. If you have installed the IEC 61850 DLL before March 2012 it will not run anymore on your PC (it runs for 6 just months). In that case you can install it on a different machine – maybe you have a new PC anyway since you tested the DLL.

The C# application source code and executable code as well as documentation and the appropriate SCL files for the client and the server are provided via the link below.

The new Server GUI supports manipulating values in the server application, e.g., the temperature and setting for temperature alarms at the server:


The client application allows to see results from polling and Reports:


You may just use another browser (e.g., the Omicron IEDScout) to connect to the server and retrieve the model and the values:


Download the complete C# application examples for the IEC 61850 DLL [zipped file, 1 MB].

Details on downloading the DLL evaluation package could be found here.


Dylan Jenkins said...

Is this a windows only application? Any plans to release a version for Linux? Thanks

Karlheinz Schwarz said...

The stack/API used in the DLL is from SystemCorp, Bentley / Western Australia.
The stack/API is available in ready-to-go libraries for Linux, ONX, VxWorks, .... and other platforms.
Please contact for further details.