Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wind and Solar Power – Could have helped to prevent the Indian Power Outage this week

It was questioned if wind and solar power could have been used as a redundant power source in this weeks power outage in India. Yes it could – indirectly.

Wind and Solar power could help to keep the water in the big reservoirs in the mountains. Each MWh from wind turbines or PV systems would keep the “redundant” hydro energy in the storage reservoirs. In case of a shortage in the grid this “redundant” hydro power could be used to stabilize the grid. Especially this year in India and north of India the water levels in the dams are very low … it would be a benefit not to “burn” the available hydro energy during the day when you could use the wind or solar power. There is one issue with not “burning” hydro power: usually you are paid by the amount of energy you put into the grid – not by keeping it for days or weeks. Making money and providing reliable energy supply are two different aspects.

IEEE Spectrum: Lack of Rain a Leading Cause of Indian Grid Collapse

In Europe there is work going on, to use the (surplus) wind power in northern Germany and pump water in the dams in Norway and use it as a huge hydro power storage … and there is another very interesting storage possibility for wind and solar power: Wind Gas or Solar Gas!

What is that? Never heard about it?

I would highly appreciate if I could produce my own gas, store it and use it in winter time (Sothern Germany).

It is just a little bit too expensive … but the technology is available:

These ideas and technologies will help to convert the electrical grid into a Smart(er) Grid. Engineers have developed great solutions … it is up to the decision makers to let them do their job!

By the way, Smart Grids have been invented by smart engineers since the 19th century:

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