Wednesday, March 16, 2011

President of German Federal Network Agency recommends IEC Standards for Smart Grids

Matthias Kurth, President of the German Federal Network Agency, is very supportive of IEC standards. In a short video he stated that "IEC can help put the innovative potential of industry on the right track so that we don't have island solutions: proprietary solutions that can hinder the growth of the market".

IEC can, according to Mr. Kurth, "help us to bring the different industry players together on common platforms which are transparent, open, and which are the basis of the individual innovation ... we need not to wait to renovate our own infrastructure [editor: meant is the energy sector] in Europe."

Click HERE to read the report and watch the video posted at the IEC website.

IEC has listed the crucial standards for Smart Grids in an Excel table. IEC 61850 seems to be understood as THE most crucial standard series for Smart Grids.

Click HERE for the Excel table.
Click HERE for the Smart Grid page.

Mr. Kurth is right in requesting open standards as basis of innovation. The key innovations in the energy market needed will be the many SMART applications that keep the energy supply at a high level of availability - IEC 61850 and other IEC standards can help to support this objective! The easier it is to USE these standards the faster we can reach smart(er) applications.

One innovation is the simple IEC 61850 API developed by SystemCorp (Perth, Australia). The API can be used by application programmers immediately to develop SMART innovations for the energy market.

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