Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tutorial of the 5 IEC 61850 Gurus in Sydney was very successful

After the Meeting of the IEC TC 57 WG 10 (Core IEC 61850) in Noosa (Queensland, Australia) four IEC 61850 Gurus of the Working Group 10 went down to Sydney to meet another IEC 61850 Guru to conduct a 3 day Tutorial and hands-on Training on 07.-09. March 2011.

The tutorial was a great Success! 48 attendees from 15 Utilities (!!) and 5 from 4 other companies attended the four half-day sessions in four parallel streams from Monday noon-time to Wednesday noon-time.

After this event it is likely that Australian utility engineers are ahead of the market - in most countries utility engineers are - more or less - watching the vendors commissioning and "turning on" TURN-KEY substation automation systems in their substations!! Usually - to my observation and experience - utility engineers have NO IDEA what they got delivered. Australian utilities are quite serious in getting deeply involved in specification, engineering, system integration, ...

More to come.

Some photos from the WG 10 meeting and from the event in Sydney:


Professor Valeriy Vyatkin (Auckland) presents IEC 61499 ...


Convenor of WG 10 (Christoph Brunner - one of the 5 IEC 61850 Gurus)


Alex Apostolov (another IEC 61850 Guru) discussing requirements for definition of Logic in IEC 61850


Reflections during the excursion in the Noosa River Everglades

IMG_3708 IMG_3718 IMG_3709

The Gurus (Christoph and Alex) reflecting the quality of the Native GOOSE ... Wine

IMG_3800 IMG_3793 image

The other 3 Gurus discuss and enjoy during the reception (from left):
Joerg Reuter, Rod Hughes and Karlheinz Schwarz

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