Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Conformance Certificate for SystemCorp's IEC 61850 Device using Stack PIS-10 on Beck IPC Chip

SystemCorp has implemented their stack software on the Beck IPC Chip SC143 in their IED "IEC 61850 WebCAN Substation Monitoring & Control System". The IED is a multifunctional monitoring and control system.

KEMA (Arnhem, Netherlands) tested the IEC 61850 conformance successfully:


Click HERE for a copy of the certificate [PDF, 1MB].

Test has been conducted according to the PICS, PIXIT, TICS, and MICS Documents that can be accessed through:

Details of the IED can be found here:

This is a major step towards the widespread use of the IEC 61850 stack from SystemCorp for small devices. The IEC 61850 software and the IEC 61850 communication behavior is almost completely implemented on the Beck IPC Chip SC143. Products that use the same chip with the software used for the conformance test would - by default - pass most crucial parts of the IEC 61850 conformance test.

This allows a short time-to-market IED development for all devices that apply the Beck IPC Chip.

Please contact SystemCorp for more details.

A flyer on the Beck Chips can be found here:

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