Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SystemCorp’s IEC 61850 SCL ICD Designer available for Online Purchase

The “ICD Designer” is SystemCORP Embedded Technology’s Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) Capability Description designer application. This ICD Designer application is used to define and edit substation configuration descriptions for IEC 61850 through a graphical user interface to create an XML formatted file.

Correctly speaking, the “ICD Designer” (as a product name) is a tool that has many functions for creating “IID Documents” – “Instantiated IED Description”. IIDs have been defined in edition 2 of IEC 61850-6 (SCL).

The tools supports also the instance specific binding of the model to the real world data points, e.g., referenced by DNP3 or 101/104 points. The tool uses an XML document with the TypeTemplates. Any extended model can easily be added to that XML document to define your own model. It is really that easy.

Click HERE for an example of the binding (fourth slide).

The full version of the ICD Designer is now available for online purchase.

Click HERE for more information on the product and how to order online.

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