Saturday, March 19, 2011

IEC 61850 - Common Format for Event Data Exchange

Event data can be logged in an IED by a Log according to IEC 61850-7-2 (IEC 61850-8-1, MMS Journal). The Log can be queried by time (before, between, after). This query returns MMS messages.

Logged event data in an IEC 61850 IED could now additionally be retrieved by an XML file called "COMFEDE":

Common Format for Event Data Exchange (COMFEDE) for Power Systems (IEEE Std C37.239™-2010).

This file may optionally rely on the information models defined by IEC 61850 Logical Devices, Logical Nodes, DataObjects, DataAttributes. An example of a file is shown here:

<Entry entryId="4294967292" timeOfEntry="2011-03-11T14:38:13Z">
  <EntryData t="2011-03-11T14:38:12.423834Z">
   <DA name="phsA.cVal.mag.f" val="1023" valType="xs:double"/>
   <DA name="phsB.cVal.mag.f" val="1022" valType="xs:double"/>
   <DA name="phsC.cVal.mag.f" val="1019" valType="xs:double"/>

Even that standard is an IEEE standard, it could be understood as an extension of IEC 61850 - it extends the use of the information model, information exchange and system configuration language.

From a 40,000 ft point of view it is a kind of a SCSM (Specific Communication Service Mapping). I guess it is also easy in an IEC 61850 client to transform the ReadJournal response messages according to MMS into an COMFEDE file - it is the same payload carried.

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