Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do you know what a PIXIT or a TICS is?

The conformance of devices with IEC 61850 has several aspects that are mainly specified in the following documents:

PICS Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement:
Which Communication services are supported ...
Click HERE for a complete example (all examples shown here are for A specific IED: RTU of SystemCorp); the stack software from SystemCorp offers more.
PIXIT Protocol Implementation Conformance Extra Information for Testing:
Restrictions and Limitations found in a device ...
Click HERE for a complete example
MICS Model Implementation Conformance Statement:
Models supported ...
Click HERE for a complete example
TICS Tissue Implementation Conformance Statement:
Which tissues have been implemented:
Click HERE for a complete example
SICS SCL Implementation Conformance Statement:
Which aspects of SCL have been implemented in a Tool

Please ask your vendor of the IEDs or tools (you want to apply) for these documents. They provide you a good level of details you need to know when building multi-vendor systems.

Excerpt of a PICS:


Excerpt of a PIXIT:


Excerpt of a MICS:


Excerpt of a TICS:


Excerpt of a SICS (Template from IEC 61850-6):


For smooth system integration it is quite crucial to read and understand these documents!!

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