Thursday, September 17, 2009

PSI supports TASE.2 and CIM

PSI reports in the latest Magazine "energie manager" (1/2009) that they deliver a SCADA and DMS system for Enexis (Netherlands) supporting TASE.2 for inter-control center communication (IEC 60870-6) and CIM (Common Information Model, IEC 61968/70) for information exchange in the control center.

TASE.2, CIM along with IEC 61850 are crucial international standards published by IEC TC 57 "Power systems management and associated information exchange" and used in utilities (Electric, Gas, Oil, ...). The scope of the IEC TC 57 is "To prepare international standards for power systems control equipment and systems ...". Power systems means electric power systems. So, how can you use these standards, e.g., for the Gas applications? IEC stands for "International Electrotechnical Commission". So the scope is to prepare and publish International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies.

It is somehow "forbidden" to claim that IEC standards like IEC 61850 are applicable for any other control equipment and systems outside the electrical world. BUT - from a technical point of view -: IEC 61850 could be understood as a framework of (extensible) information models, information exchange methods, and configuration language for devices and systems in many application domains. The first edition of the standard models did not provide a model for a rotor - because substations do not have rotors. We extended the information models for wind turbines (published under IEC 61400-25). So, you can define (or standardize in another organization) an object for "Gas pressure" ... and use the whole communication and configuration infrastructure available for substation automation - and vice versa.

Some people (that do not like these standards) argue against their applications outside the electric world by saying: "You can not use these IEC standards, because their scope is restricted to the electric world." Fortunately, technical solutions based on these standards do not care about what some people say!

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