Thursday, September 17, 2009

Embedded controller exposes electric measurements through IEC 61850

A new, easy to install embedded device for electrical measurements provides crucial information on the status of the power system through the following information in (or near) real-time by an IEC 61850 Server:

  • Voltage L1 true RMS
  • Voltage L2 true RMS
  • Voltage L3 true RMS
  • Current L1 true RMS
  • Current L2 true RMS
  • Current L3 true RMS
  • Instantaneous Real Power
  • Instantaneous Reactive Power
  • Grid Frequency Power Angle (Cos Phi)


The IEC 61850 Server (build into the box shown above) provides the crucial MMXU Logical Node (3 phase Measurements) and COMTRADE formatted files of the values. The Server's Information model is shown below:



This Information model is derived from the real device (the server implemented at the device) via IEC 61850 self-description services. The model could be converted to an SCL file (according to IEC 61850-6):


A complete Substation Specification (.ssd and .scd file) according to IEC 61850-6 would provide also how the Information model is bound to the real electrical installation, e.g., where is the measurement taken etc. The complete description contained in the SCL file could be used by any system (Gateway, SCADA database, ...).

Further information models (calculated in an application or from the physical input/output terminals) can be implemented. The platform could be used for many applications in power systems and other domains.

QNE (Oldenburg/Germany) is active in the domain of Smart Metering, Embedded Real-Time HW/SW Systems, SCADA, Analog and Digital Transducers, Technology Consulting, Research & Development

Click HERE to read a two page flyer [pdf].

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