Monday, September 7, 2009

SystemCorp (Perth, Australia) offers new IEC 61850 IEDs

The IEC 61850 software stack PIS-10 accommodates client and server functionality. It is portable across various software platforms. Data throughput and other Ethernet related performance criteria are inherited from the operating system.

The stack supports MMS, GOOSE, Sampled Value functionality as well as buffered and unbuffered reporting. Data sets are defined using the WebCAN Designer Studio configuration software.

Protoocol conversation from other SCADA protocols such as IEC 8750-5-10 or DNP3.0 require only the additional executable files to be downloaded and configured through WebCAN Designer Studio.


  • Portable IEC 61850 Client and Server Software Stack PIS-10
  • Fully Integrated Single Chip Solution IPC-10
  • Compact Protocol Converter CFE-40
  • Distribution Remote Terminal Unit MRU-10
  • WebCAN Substation RTU and Data Gateway
  • WebCAN Designer Studio Configuration Tool


  • Microsoft Windows XP, 2003/2008 and Vista
  • Ubuntu Linux (x86,x86-64)
  • Embedded Linux (ARM, Coldfire)
  • Beck @Chip SC1x3 RTOS
  • Other platforms available on request

Click HERE for a two page description [pdf].

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