Monday, September 7, 2009

Beckhoff's TwinCAT supports IEC 61850

Beckhoff opens up new opportunities by implementing this communication protocol in a software PLC: The user can use a cost-effective standard PLC for controlling his electrical installation, which not only offers the benefits of PC-based control technology but can also communicate externally via the IEC 61850 compliant communication. The basic standard defines a general transmission protocol for protective and control equipment in medium and high voltage electrical substations. This means that time-consuming and costly special developments for the implementation of manufacturer-specific protocols are no longer required, and the associated engineering is simplified significantly.
Customers can utilize the complete communication stack developed by Beckhoff in the form of a PLC library.

As extension to the basic IEC 61850 standard, IEC 61400-25 defines the communication requirements for monitoring and controlling wind turbines. The integration of this standard into the TwinCAT library will simplify the control of heterogeneous wind farms significantly. The wind farm standard is characterized by a single wind power-specific datset, so that TwinCAT users can use TcIEC61850Server.lib for communication purposes and TcIEC61400_25.lib for specific logical nodes and common data classes.

Click HERE for a two page brochure in English.
Click HERE for a two page brochure in German.

The TwinCat solution will be used during the next Hands-on Training in Frankfurt (Germany) on October 23, 2009.

Click HERE for the program of the training in Frankfurt.

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