Sunday, May 24, 2009

Power Plant DCS - Incorporating IEC 61650

A nice summary of the development of open Distributed Control Systems (DCS) for Power Plants since the eighties was written by Ralph Porfilio (ABB Power Generation).

One of crucial solutions for Open Systems is IEC 61850:

"DCS controller connectivity is currently under development for integrated IEC-61850. IEC-61850 uses Ethernet as backbone communication and will enable DCS controller integration for medium and high voltage electrical equipment. Used with electrical power distribution and substation equipment, IEC-61850 is being deployed within medium and high voltage drives, switchgear, motor starters, relay protection, generator and transformer protection, excitation and synchronization. DCS integration with IEC-61850 will include control, monitoring, asset monitoring, time stamp and integrated configuration tools to program the Intelligent Electrical Devices. With Profinet and IEC-61850 and an industrial Ethernet, it is expected that the DCS will be able to tightly integrate electrical system packages along with instrumentation for process control into a common system."

Click HERE for the complete paper.
Click HERE for an excerpt.

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