Sunday, May 17, 2009

IEC 61850 for condition monitoring diagnosis and analysis

The IEC TC 57 (document: 57/1007/DC) has invited for a new project to extend IEC 61850 and use it for CMD (Condition Monitoring Diagnosis) to diagnose the power grid health status to improve the reliability of the power system by preventing a potential failure in advance. Too many different CMD solutions in various forms from many vendors are currently used - there is need to standardize the basic information models and information exchange within IEC TC57.

It is intended to first write a report that addresses communication aspects related to specific sensor networks that are widely used as well as information exchange towards asset management systems. It is proposed to publish that report as IEC 61850-90-3.

A task force within TC57 WG10 will prepare this report. The proposed project leader is: Mr Hyuk Soo Jang, Department of Computer Software, Myong Ji Univ. Yongin, 449-728 Korea.

The TC57 P-members are invited to submit comments to this proposal and nominate experts willing to participate in that work
by 2009-07-03.

Please contact your TC 57 National Committee to receive a copy of the Invitation (57/1007/DC).

The work will address condition monitoring of equipment handled by the following technical committees of IEC: TC11 (Overhead lines), TC14 (Power Transformers), TC17 (Switchgear), TC20 (Electrical cables) and TC38 (Instrument transformers).
In addition, coordination with the work done in TC88, IEC 61400-25-6 (Condition monitoring for wind power plants) is required.

Proposed Architecture:


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