Wednesday, May 13, 2009

IEC 61850 IEDScout Version 2.0 available

The following updated/new features have been added:

* New, improved Data View
  Easier navigation between devices.

* New Polling Window
  Shows all polled data together, easy to use.

* Recording of GOOSE traffic into COMTRADE files
  Captures GOOSE traffic for in-depth offline analysis.

You can download IEDScout Version 2.00 from

The software you can download runs in demo mode. With an USB dongle the software runs in full mode. The demo version can be used to connect to any IEC 61850 compliant IED. The IEDScout is an IEC 61850 client, and GOOSE publisher and subscriber.

It can also be used to visualize an .icd or .scd file (IEDs in the .scd).

NettedAutomation uses the fully functional IED Scout in IEC 61850 hands-on training - with dongles for the attendees.

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