Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ABB and others push IEC 61850 all over

According to a news letter dated 2009-05-04 "ABB has introduced and exploited the benefits of IEC 61850 for customers in 55 countries and supplied hundreds of systems and thousands of products for new substation installations, as well as retrofit and migration projects. ... ABB played a key role in developing and verifying this global standard, and actually commissioned the world’s first IEC 61850 multi-vendor project in 2004 at the 380 kilovolt (kV) Laufenburg substation in Switzerland – one of the largest and most important substations in Europe."

Click HERE for the ABB news report.

All big vendors like ABB, AREVA, GE, SEL, Siemens, and several others, utilities and several independent consultants have heavily contributed to the standard - and are still contributing!

During today's one-day seminar on IEC 61850 organized by Asia iKnowledge Sdn. Bhd. here in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) it was interesting to see the huge interest of power, gas and oil utilities in the new standard! It was clearly reported and confirmed by key people that attended that the education of "smart" engineers in the new standards is one of the crucial pre-requisite for smarter grids!

Click HERE [pdf, 600 KB] for today's program and the program of the conference tomorrow and Thursday.

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