Saturday, December 23, 2023

The IEC 61850 Tissue Database reached 1900 Tissues

The IEC 61850 Tissue Database is a very useful tool to help improving the quality of the standard series. The first Tissue (#1) was posted almost 19 years ago. On December 12, 2023 the Tissue #1900 was posted. In average two Tissues per week have been posted. The Tissue process is accepted all over.

The other day I received a question on the definition of power factor (MMXU.PF). The definition is contained in the Logical Node class MMXU of part IEC 61850-7-4:

When I read the definition I was wondering that there was no definition of the sign of the PF. I thought that somebody must have found this long before me ... I checked the Tissue Database to find the corresponding Tissue ... which is #1721 (Power factor related data objects in LN MMXU) dated September 22, 2020.

The following figure depicts the corrected definition.

Recommendation: In case you belief you found an error in the standard series, check first the tissue database and search ... you may find the correct answer ...

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