Tuesday, November 14, 2023

IEC 61850 Conformance Certification of IEC 61850 Core Documents with Ed2.0 About to End

Richard Schimmel (IEC 61850 Certification Manager at DNV ( former KEMA)) just reported a very crucial information at LinkedIn:

"IEC 61850 certification for Edition 2 will be phased out by the UCAiug. From January 2024 UCAiug will only allow new Edition 2 certificates after passing the Edition 2 with Amendment 1 (Ed2.1)!

If you want to certify IEC 61850 Edition 2, we (DNV) need to show the UCAiug that we received the purchase order before 1st January 2024."

Click HERE for the post a LinkedIn.

Be aware that Edition 2.1 refers just to the yellow marked core parts of IEC 61850 (see IEC 61850 Tissue Database):


Note that EACH part has its own Edition numbering ... there is no IEC 61850 Edition x at all!

The Tissue Database provides the tissues posted, discussed, and solved of the previous editions for each part. This gives you the possibility to see which comments let to a new edition. Comments to Edition 2.1 of the core parts will finally lead to Edition 3.0 of these parts ... Edition 2.1 of the core parts will be valid for the next years ... this is my personal expectation.

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