Saturday, July 2, 2016

FMTP and NettedAutomation announce Seminar Dates for 2017

Due to the request from power engineers FMTP and NettedAutomation have scheduled several dates for public training courses in 2017:

19-23 September 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden [EN]
10-13 Oktober 2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany [EN]
07-09 Dezember 2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany [DE]

30 January 2017 in San Diego, CA USA (just prior to the DistribuTECH 2017) [EN]
14-17 March 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden [EN]
04-07 April 2017 in Karlsruhe, Germany [EN]
19-22 September 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden [EN]
10-13 Oktober 2017 in Karlsruhe, Germany [EN]

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