Saturday, July 23, 2016

IEC TC 57 Published FDIS IEC 62351-11 Security for XML Documents

Have you ever seen a multi MegaByte XML file used for system or device configurations, COMTRADE, COMFEDE, or other purposes? I have big SCL files that represent real substation specifications. What happens if one (1) single character is removed or changed by somebody ...? A change of a single character can have very severe consequences!
In order to secure XML Files in the context of IEC and other standards organizations, IEC TC 57 just published the document:
57/1753/FDIS: Power systems management and associated information exchange – Data and communications security – IEC 62351-11: Security for XML Documents

Voting closes 2016-09-02

IEC 62351-11 specifies schema, procedures, and algorithms for securing XML documents that are used within the scope of the IEC as well as documents in other domains (e.g. IEEE, proprietary, etc.). This part is intended to be referenced by standards if secure exchanges are required, unless there is an agreement between parties in order to use other recognized secure exchange mechanisms. It utilizes well-known W3C standards for XML document security and provides profiling of these standards and additional extensions.

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