Monday, July 21, 2014

Just published: Draft 61850-90-17 – Using IEC 61850 to transmit power quality data

IEC TC 57 has just published the 52 page Draft IEC Technical Report 61850-90-17 – Using IEC 61850 to transmit power quality data (57/1488/DC).

The document is available for comments until 2014-10-10.

Contact your TC 57 National Committee for a copy.

Phenomena considered in the draft are related to:

  • Power frequency
  • Magnitude of the supply voltage
  • Flicker
  • Supply voltage dips and swells.
  • Voltage interruptions
  • Transient voltages
  • Supply voltage unbalance
  • Voltage harmonics
  • Voltage interharmonics
  • Mains signalling voltage on the supply voltage
  • Rapid Voltage Changes (RVC)
  • Underdeviation and overdeviation
  • Magnitude of current
  • Current recording
  • Harmonic currents
  • Interharmonic currents
  • Current unbalance
  • Frequency deviation
  • Supply voltage variations
  • Voltage unbalance
  • Harmonic voltage
  • Interharmonic voltage
  • Voltage fluctuation and flicker
  • Mains signalling and voltages

This draft is intended to increase the interoperability between power quality monitoring systems and any application that needs the corresponding information for operation or post mortem analysis.

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