Thursday, July 17, 2014

PhD Thesis about IEC 61850 Process Bus application in High Voltage Substations

A few hours after my offer to post links to further thesis that discuss applications related to IEC 61850, I received very useful information from David Ingram (PhD RPEQ MIEAust CPEng(Aus) SMIEEE, Electrical Engineer). He wrote:

“ …my PhD thesis was on process bus networks looking at SV and PTP. It is freely available for those that are interested.

Title: Assessment of precision timing and real-time data networks for digital substation automation

This project researched the performance of emerging digital technology for high voltage electricity substations that significantly improves safety for staff and reduces the potential impact on the environment of equipment failure. The experimental evaluation used a scale model of a substation control system that incorporated real substation control and networking equipment with real-time simulation of the power system.
The outcomes confirm that it is possible to implement Ethernet networks in high voltage substations that meet the needs of utilities; however component-level testing of devices is necessary to achieve this. The assessment results have been used to further develop international standards for substation communication and precision timing.”

Click HERE to download the full PhD thesis [pdf, 17 MB]. It is quite interesting that his thesis has been downloaded 3 times per day (on average)! He has something important to tell you!

Visit his website with further results of his investigations … you will find many papers related to IEC 61850 for free download.

Dear David, Thanks for your very valuable contributions. Keep going!

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