Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Navigation Light System for Offshore Wind Farms managed by IEC 61850

The Sabik NavAid Controller is part of the control and monitoring system for the marking of offshore wind
farms. It is used for controlling and monitoring of illuminating and marking components on
offshore structures:

  • Activation and generation of the flash code for all of the attached 5 nautical miles lanterns
  • Activation and generation of an intensity control signal for spotlights
  • Current consumption monitoring for all components of the navigation light system, as well as error
    detection and reporting

The communication supports Modbus and IEC 61850.

Click HERE for a two page NavAid Controller brochure.
Click HERE for the Gateway used in the NavAid Controller.

The Sabik Logo is enhanced by the slogan: WE SHOW THE WAY … with the application of IEC 61850 (IEC 61400-25) Sabic shows also the way how to apply IEC 61850 for many applications outside substations.

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