Saturday, February 16, 2013

Want to listen to an IEC 61850 User?

Nick R. Burnham (Network Rail, UK) has presented in a nice Webcast how they use IEC 61850 in the railway electrification within Network Rail:

“IEC 61850 is a standard that is now gaining pace within the Electrical Supply Industry and one that is under scrutiny by Network Rail. One of the key advantages offered by IEC 61850 is interoperability based on the fact a standard communications interface is implemented between substation devices. This allows the manufacturer to diversify specific functionality whilst allowing communication with other devices.”

Check the Webcast “Network Rail and IEC 61850, a user’s perspective of the standard” [15 minutes video]

His summary is as follows:


I fully agree with his experience: Users need more education and experience in order to reach a balance between vendors and users. Today usually the benefit is on the vendors side.

I appreciate the work Nick and other experts around him have accomplished!

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