Thursday, February 7, 2013

IEC 62351 added to SGIP Catalog of Standards

Thirteen new standards have been added to the SGIP’s Catalog of Standards (CoS) , bringing the total number of standards currently in the CoS to 56.  The newly added standards include also IEC 62351:

IEC 62351 Parts 1 – 7
The scope of the IEC 62351 series is information security for power system control operations. The primary objective is to undertake the development of standards for security of the communication protocols defined by IEC TC 57, specifically the IEC 60870-5 series, the IEC 60870-6 series, the IEC 61850 series, the IEC 61970 series, and the IEC 61968 series.  Another objective is to undertake the development of standards and/or technical reports on end-to-end security issues.

  • IEC 62351-1:  Communication network and system security – Introduction to security issues
  • IEC 62351-2:  Glossary of terms
  • IEC 62351-3:  Communication network and system security – Profiles including TCP/IP
  • IEC 62351-4:  Profiles including MMS
  • IEC 62351-5:  Security for IEC 60870-5 and derivatives
  • IEC 62351-6:  Security for IEC 61850
  • IEC 62351-7:  Network and system management (NSM) data object models

Note also this paper on TLS security issues (published the other day).

The Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol aims to provide confidentiality and integrity of data in transit across untrusted networks. TLS has become the de facto secure protocol of choice for Internet and mobile applications. DTLS is a variant of TLS that is growing in importance.

That is why security experts should read the paper.

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