Tuesday, February 26, 2013

IEC/TR 61850-90-7 Just published

Please note the publication of

IEC/TR 61850-90-7:2013-02
Communication networks and systems for power utility automation
Part 90-7: Object models for power converters in distributed energy resources (DER) systems

Download the preview of IEC 61850-90-7.

This part is very crucial because it provides solutions for the challenges of feeding the huge amount of power from PV and other DER systems into the various voltage levels of the power delivery grid. This part will have a crucial impact on how to manage especially distribution networks. Just a few examples of these functions are:

7.1.2 Function INV1: connect / disconnect from grid
7.1.3 Function INV2: adjust maximum generation level up/down
7.1.4 Function INV3: adjust power factor
7.1.5 Function INV4: request active power (charge or discharge storage)
7.1.6 Function INV5: pricing signal for charge/discharge action
7.2 Modes for volt-var management
7.2.1 VAr management modes using volt-var arrays
7.2.2 Example setting volt-var mode VV11: available var support mode with no impact on watts
7.2.3 Example setting volt-var mode VV12: maximum var support mode based on WMax
7.2.4 Example setting volt-var mode VV13: static power converter mode based on settings
7.2.5 Example setting volt-var mode VV14: passive mode with no var support
7.3 Modes for frequency-related behaviours
7.3.1 Frequency management modes
7.3.2 Frequency-watt mode FW21: high frequency reduces active power
7.3.3 Frequency-watt mode FW22: constraining generating/charging by frequency

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