Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Intelligent Energy Network of the Future – IT’S HERE TODAY

The project Web2Energy is one of the first projects that implements TODAY a crucial “Intelligent energy network of the future”. When the project started some years ago, the aim was far in the future. But today (early 2013): The objective of the project has already been implemented!

HSE AG (HEAG Südhessische Energie AG) invited several partners to establish a Smart Grid in their energy supply system by installation of communication links to power producers, grid terminals and the consumers.

The second year of the project was the most significant period. 4 complete work packages had to be finalized coordinated by a successful project management:

  1. Application of the IEC 61850 standard for the whole communication system
  2. Design und Architecture of the Information- and Communication Systems
  3. W2E – Control centre based on CIM – data face (Common Information model in
    accordance with IEC 61968/70)
  4. Installation of the innovative solution components and preparation of the trial

Thanks to the involvement of experienced domain and standards experts like Dr. Michael Buchholz, Christoph Brunner, Maco Jannsson, and other experts, the project has become a big success for the realization of Smart Grids and the use of IEC 61850 and IEC 61968/70 (CIM).

It was estimated that such a high volume of approvals of new solutions in the practice of distribution networks – at it is shown in the following Figure – is first time realized worldwide. It builds an important basic for the prospective dissemination of the innovations for “Smart Distribution” … based on IEC and CIM:

Source: Web2Energy

The Website of the project provides a huge number of up-to-date papers describing the project, the reached objectives, how IEC 61850 and CIM are used … to build a real Smart Grid.

Website with links to some 40 papers and reports – many about IEC 61850.

For example the paper
Seamless data communication and management over all levels of the Power Systems
by A. Naumann, B.M. Buchholz, P. Komarnicki, C. Brunner

concludes as follows:
”In the framework of the European lighthouse project WEB2Energy with 14 European partners from 6 countries the 3 pillars of Smart Distribution are first time integrated and executed in the real operations of the 20 kV distribution network of the “HEAG Südhessische Energie AG” around Darmstadt. The complete communication loop from the network control centre down to the electric sockets of the consumers is seamless closed by the strong application and the needed extensions of the communication standard system IEC 61850. … The impact of the project findings on the further work on both standard series is considered. The results of the project have a pilot character but the servers RTU and battery boxes are brought to maturity for praxis applications. These products are open for further use.”

The IEC 61850 Stack/API from SystemCorp have been used for the IEC 61850 connectivity.

The wait for Smart Grid solutions is over – thanks to Smart people applying smart standardized solutions.

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