Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 01, 2013 – First Successful Use of Public Information on IEC 61850 in 2013

First of all, I hope that the New Year 2013 will bring you peace, health, success, and happiness – as well as a better understanding of IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-10x, DNP3, IEC 62351 and how these standards can be applied to provide open and secure information exchange in the energy world.

One of my objectives in 2013 will be to continuously provide you useful information about the use of the above listed standards and related issues.

One of the first experts that retrieved 2013 useful information on IEC 61850 provided by Karlheinz Schwarz wrote me today (2013-01-01):

But I was inquisitive and was looking for more on this topic. Interestingly, I found a wonderful document, WRITTEN BY YOU, at


Page 15/16 of this document describes the matter [of statistical and historical statistical information models] clearly. I need to read this one more time to understand deeply. But I am writing this email to just to let you know that I am getting sincerely impressed with your work on IEC standard. I am feeling lucky that I am in touch with you.

Regards, …”

Thanks a lot.

Enjoy the huge source of information provided by one of the most experienced experts in the field of information exchange for energy systems.

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