Friday, January 18, 2013

SCADA Security at Iberdrola – Be serious about Security!

Iberdrola has been awarded a 2012 European SCADA Security Innovation Award.

“Iberdrola is the largest energy company in Spain and operates multiple types of energy production plants (gas, coal, water, eolic, nuclear) in multiple countries in the European Union and Latin America. … The history of Iberdrola is one of innovation. In early 2000 Iberdrola decided to create the CMDS, a 24x7 Monitoring Center for the operations of their Critical Infrastructure. Inside the scope of the CMDS, and with a codename of AURA, a long-term security program for the in-depth security of their SCADA networks was put in motion. … In 2011, Iberdrola started two of the latest and most innovative projects to date: AURA.MARS and AURA CONSEG. ...”

Read the press release from SANS.

Comprehensive presentation from Iberdrola “Step by Step: The Journey to Secure SCADA Systems” [pdf, 5,3 MB]

It is really crucial to be serious about Security!!

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