Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is IEC 61850 held hostage by interoperability issues?

NO! There are in some cases minor issues that may have some impact on interoperability. In general: Interoperability at the communication level is provided!

Farel Becker and Andre Smit just published a paper with the title: “IEC 61850 feeds grid protection and control”.

They ask: “IEC 61850 has been under scrutiny recently with claims of interoperability. But, are these claims valid? Can IEC 61850 improve and enhance protection and control system design today, or is it held hostage by interoperability?”

They conclude: “The functions and features, namely the use of GOOSE messages, made available today by the IEC 61850 standard can be used to greatly improve current substation and other application designs and help realize new methodologies to better protect, control and automate the smart electrical grid of the future. This, in itself, far outweighs perceived interoperability issues and keeps the industry on track to eliminate copper wires and expand system functionality and capabilities.”

Read the complete paper “IEC 61850 feeds grid protection and control”.

Well written.

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