Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wireshark Analyzer and IEC 61850 Messages (MMS, GOOSE, SAV)

When you use Wireshark (I run Version 1.6.0) you may have had a problem to see GOOSE and MMS messages. There is a simple solution how to visualize the MMS and GOOSE messages:

You have to start the Wireshark first, start analyzing and THEN connect from a IEC 61850 client to a server to open a MMS association. Now you see the messages … strange but it works … as you can see:



Krzysztof Urgacz said...

You can try to set in PRES protocol preferences new user context item.
Context Id: 3
Syntax Name OID: 1.0.9506.2.1

Dave Ingram said...

The other option is to use Herb Falk's version of Wireshark that has his MMS and ASN.1 decoder in it. It does a better job than the main branch of Wireshark.