Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2,500 Experts Educated in IEC 61850 and other IEC standards

Karlheinz Schwarz has trained 2,500 experts in IEC 61850, IEC 61400-25, ICCP/IEC 60870-6, IEC 60870-5-10x, DNP3, ISO 9506 MMS, … by mid of July 2011. He conducted more than 130 courses that run from one to eleven days. Attendees from more than 70 countries followed the presentations by one of the most requested trainers in this domain.

One of the attendees thanked for what he got:

“It was a very useful seminar. Karlheinz Schwarz is highly qualified professional in the field. I must say that we got the information from first hands and he was able to answer every question almost at once and if not - knew where to look for the answer. It is great that we had such an opportunity to attend such a seminar.
If to compare this seminar with those provided by vendors I must state that vendors have a different approach – the approach that states that IEC 61850 standard is going to solve all the existing problems. And it is not like that at the moment. What is true here is that we need to have skills and a higher level of competence in the field – either way the standard is not going to bring benefits. It was mentioned by Karlheinz Schwarz during the seminar and it is right. It was very good to know about the existing problems. Nobody before mentioned about those things we should take care of to use the possibilities of IEC 61850 with the highest efficiency. And we can understand why the vendors do not talk about such things – because every need to acquire new knowledge and get the higher level of competence would require more investments from the utilities. It is important for the utilities to know about that.”

The next public events are as follows:

Nashville (TN, USA)
20.-21. September 2011
Remote Conference
2 day Seminar (NettedAutomation) on Power System Communication covering IEC 61850, IEC 61400-25, DNP3, NIST Interoperability Roadmap, Smart Grids, ...

Frankfurt (Germany)
05.-07. October 2011.
3 day IEC 61850/61400-25 Seminar/Hands-on Training (NettedAutomation) with Measurement IED and free evaluation software (DLL etc. fully functional - free to take home).

Sao Paulo (Brazil)
11.-14. October 2011.
IEC 61850 Comprehensive & Independent Hands-on Training.

Pohlheim (Germany, 60 km north of Frankfurt at Beck IPC)
30. September 2011 - 1 day workshop [German]
10. January 2012 - 1 day workshop [English]
11. January 2012 - 1 day workshop [German]
Schnelleinstieg in die Produktentwicklung IEC 61850 und IEC 61400-25 konformer Geräte. Fast Track introduction in IEC 61850 and development of standard conformant products.

Gothenburg (Sweden)
IEC 61850 Hands-on Training with Multivendor IEDs
19.-21. October 2011

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