Sunday, July 10, 2011

Basics of IEC 61850 Control Blocks and Communication

The standards IEC 61850 and IEC 61400-25 provide a reach suite of information exchange mechanisms. The basis of all exchanges are the information models (e.g., Logical Node “QE3XSWI1.Pos" that represent the real world information. The information models are shown on the right side of the following figure. DataObjects can be read at any time.

The next level on-top of the information models are the DataSets. A DataSet is a list of references to attributes of DataObjects (e.g., Pos). DataSets can be read – which is an optimization: instead of a list of references, there is only a single name to be provided (the DataSet name) for reading.


The third level are the Control Blocks (for reporting, Logging, GOOSE, and Sampled Values). All three levels constrain the way how values are communicated.

Details are presented, discussed and trained in the hands-on trainings of NettedAutomation.

Note that all four control blocks provide appropriate services for SCADA, real-time control, and protections. Applications in distributed automation (for power distribution automation) are likely to require additional features (communication between hundreds of devices, …).

One of the real crucial approaches is that the Data Objects are independent of the Data Sets, which are independent of Control Blocks. The SystemCorp IEC 61850 API provides almost everything discussed in this post! The API supports any Logical Node (standardized and extended!). The API runs smoothly on the BECK IPC 61850@CHIP.

If you want to know which of the above options you should apply, please let me know WHAT YOU NEED !!

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