Monday, July 4, 2011

Dissertation on IEC 61850-9-2 Merging Unit

Marcin Adam Gurbiel received her Dr.-Ing. (PhD) with the Dissertation on “Definition and Testing of a Digital Interface of a Power Substation”. Her findings are quite interesting. She writes in the summary: “… it is possible to apply the common information exchange protocol based on IEC 61850 to the process level of the substation automation system by implementing a digital interface or so called “Merging Unit”.

ISSN 16-12-2526
ISBN 978-3-940961-54-9

Click HERE for some interesting results of her work.


Marcin Adam Gurbiel said...

Dir Sir,

I found a small mistake in your post. The pronouns indicate that my gender is female, which is incorrect. I kindly ask you to change it accordingly.

Marcin Adam Gurbiel

Anonymous said...

Marcin Adam Gurbiel looks more like male name. Are you sure that author of this paper is a woman ?

Anonymous said...

Marcin Adam are Polish male names, so it is _his_ thesis

Anonymous said...

Actually it's his not her .... University Magdeburg justs messes up the Title ,-)