Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shell seems to like IEC 61850 - for Good Reasons

Shell run an assessment of ABB's System 800xA with IEC 61850 capability. In a recent note it has been reported that

""ABB's System 800xA performed very well in wide range of simulated operating conditions during our assessment," commented Audun Gjerde from Shell Global Solutions. "We found that it can integrate multiple systems and processes, while maintaining a high level of system security and process safety."

Shell's evaluation noted several strengths for System 800xA, including its ability to integrate process and power automation on a single platform with related integration and control of IEC 61850 devices. This capability further enhances System 800xA's fully integrated power management capability, and the ability to remotely access and control switchgear. This capability reduces commissioning time, while allowing for faster online modifications during operation."

Click HERE for the report.

Click HERE for a comprehensive brochure on the 800xA ... with explanations on the benefit of IEC 61850 like:

"IEC 61850 defines interoperable function blocks which communicate over a network with other functions regardless on which suppliers’ device they are implementing. System 800xA’s IEC 61850 communications module is a key addition to AC 800M communications that enables users to finally optimize the use of their electrical subsystems within a facility relative to the power utilization required by the process manufacturing needs in real time."

The interoperability (ONE protocol stack for client/server and ONE for real-time information exchange publisher/subscriber) between devices from different suppliers is one of the crucial benefits of IEC 61850.

The brochure states on the many fieldbusses:

"System 800xA not only provides freedom of choice of fieldbus
protocol, but of Foundation Fieldbus networks as well."

There are too many choices - the fieldbus standards are far away from a convergent solution.

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