Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Extended C# Client Application for IEC 61850 Evaluation Kit based on DLL

NettedAutomation has updated the C# Client application (GUI) of the IEC 61850 Evaluation Kit (DLL); the server is still the same. The new GUI supports polling values, e.g., the temperature, status or alarms, from the server provided earlier:


The API allows manual copy and paste (just select the range of values and copy them) as well as storing the values in a database, Excel sheet, or ...

Values copied and pasted:

07:12:07.562 AM: Temperature value is 32
07:12:17.718 AM: Temperature value is 32
07:12:27.812 AM: Temperature value is 31
07:12:37.921 AM: Temperature value is 30
07:12:48.015 AM: Temperature value is 30
07:12:58.109 AM: Temperature value is 30
07:13:08.218 AM: Temperature value is 30

Different polling rates can be selected.

Note that this GUI comes as executable program and in source code (.Net project)! You can use the example and modify as you want ... it is just so easy to use the IEC 61850 Client API ...configured by an SCL file.

The server console (very easy to run and use!) from the existing Kit looks like this: Changes entered, e.g., t29 changes the temp value to 29 in the server ... this is sent to the client and polled by the client ...


Click HERE to download the new C# client application (exe and source code). You will be asked to enter your Email and Password -> "Sign in ..." OR if you don't have an account or forgot your password: Just enter your Email (required) in the middle of the form and click at "I agree with ...". You will immediately receive a new or your current password:


Please find the three (3) updated files as shown here:


The exe code can be used as soon as you have the corresponding server from the server running (see figure above: EXE/SOURCE CODE: Simple Server and Client -- IEC 61850/61400-25 FREE Evaluation/Starter Kit using a DLL: Server and Client).

Click HERE for a list of supported Server services that is almost completely implemented in the DLL ; the Client (same DLL) provides complementary services.

Enjoy the extended C# application.

Note that the same API is provided by the IEC61850@CHIP from Beck (see next post).


Karlheinz Schwarz said...


I am sorry. The only error codes I am aware of could be found here:

Possible problem: the IP address of the client (PC) and the SCL file does not match - must be configured!!

Hope that helps.

We installed the evaluation package the other day on various PCs ... without any problem.

Please contact NettedAutomation directly with more details on the problem ...

Karlheinz Schwarz said...

Dear User of the DLL,
Please read all readme files that come with the package.
They contain useful information.