Friday, February 4, 2011

DistribuTech 2011 was a big Success for IEC 61850

The 2 1/2 day DistribuTech 2011 Exhibition in San Diego (USA, CA) from 01.02.-03.02.20011 was a big show of IEC 61850 software, devices, components and training services.

Many experts from all over came to visit the booth 2822 of SystemCorp - many more visitors stopped at the booth than SystemCorp expected.

The experience of the Exhibition is: IEC 61850 IS A CRUCIAL ISSUE in the North American market - and all over!! No Question: IEC 61850 picks-up very fast! During 2011 you will see a big push for IEC 61850 and IEC 61400-25!

The booth presented the following products many people were looking for:

  • IEC 61850 stack software (source code, libraries, Windows DLL) from SystemCorp
  • Tools, Gateways (DNP2, 101/104, Modbus, ...) from SystemCorp
  • IEC 61850 at Chips from Beck IPC
  • IEC 61850 in small devices (gateways, bay controller, general purpose IEDs, ...) from Beck IPC
  • Consultancy services, education and hands-on training from NettedAutomation


SystemCorp Booth at DistribuTech 2011 in San Diego


... Booth setting-up


... Booth waiting for visitors


... a happy expert ... after receiving his Beck Chip Development Kit DK61


... Questions?


... Yes ... Aha, now I understand ... it is that simple, fast to market and powerful!

Click HERE for more information on the software ... DLL, tools, ...

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