Monday, February 21, 2011

IEC 61850 - Reduces Time to Configure System

It has been said again and again, that the crucial benefit of IEC 61850 is the configuration of IEDs and Systems. Several publications have reported on this issue. E.g., Ralph Mackiewicz, SISCO Inc., reports the following small Co-op experience [see slide 27]:

  • Substation Modernization Pilot did 2 substations
  • DNP3.0 over TCP and UDP
  • UCA2.0 (subset of IEC61850)
  • Time to get DNP3 relay configured and communicating: ~ 8 hours
  • Time to get UCA/IEC61850 relay configured and communicating: 20 minutes
  • $325K Cost Savings for overall deployment

Click HERE for the complete presentation [pdf]

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