Sunday, June 7, 2009

RWE and Siemens: IEC 61850 for Power Plant MV Power Supply

RWE Power and Siemens Implement IEC 61850 in a huge medium voltage substation in German Power Plant. IEC 61850 is used to integrate the information of the medium voltage substation (for the power supply of all power needs within the Power Plant) into the power plant control system.

"IEC 61850 is a comprehensive standard that defines the communication platform and the specific requirements for the network structure, network components, data models,
interoperability criteria and the engineering process. Proprietary protocols, specialised bus systems and manufacturer specific solutions are a thing of the past. The new standard offers improved possibilities for the standardisation of E-Technology structures and their integration into the whole process, without being tied to one single manufacturer."

Click HERE for a full paper on the project [the abstract is in English and German; the main body is in German].

Click HERE for a information on ABB's application of IEC 61850 in Power Plants.

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