Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PAC World Magazine digs into Smart Grid

PACWorld magazine discusses some crucial aspects of the Smart Grid in the Spring 2009 issue. SmartGrids are discussed all over and on all levels: from Presidents to kids in the Kindergarten. Kindergarten in Germany are quite advanced in education of Physics and Technology: Click HERE for a presentation which shows some kids in the Kindergarten trained ... even on Substation Automation in my office (on page 21).

Different people have different opinions what Smartgrids mean - it is not just to safe money. SmartGrids require smart Hardware, smart Software and (in the first place) SMART Peopleware! No smart people - no smart grids.

The latest issue of the PAC World magazine discusses several crucial aspects of the protection of smart grids:

Click HERE to get to the list of contents ... that let you access and download the well written papers and other useful information. Enjoy.

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