Sunday, June 7, 2009

Advanced Information Exchange for Ontario's Green Energy Act

Ontario’s Green Energy Act asks for more clean, renewable sources of energy, like wind, solar, hydro, biomass and biogas. One of the "back bones" of the future power system is a “Smart Grid” to facilitate and maximize the development of new renewable energy projects.

Click HERE and HERE to read more about the Green Energy Act.

A Smart Grid means: The "advanced information exchange systems and equipment that when utilized together improve the flexibility, security, reliability, efficiency and safety of the integrated power system and distribution systems"

Click HERE for the Bill 150 [pdf, 3 MB].

A new amendment of the 1998 Electricity act requires standards:

§ 53.0.1 "The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations governing the smart grid and its implementation, including regulations,
(a) in respect of the timeframe for the development of the smart grid;
(b) assigning roles and responsibilities for the development, implementation and standardization of the smart grid;
(c) prescribing the standards for communications and any other aspects in respect of the operation of the smart grid."

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